The desire for the sea, vastness and freedom determines the work of Harriet Oberlaender. As a young woman the artist, who was born 1967 in Zwickau (former Eastern Germany), escaped to Munich. Later she has travelled between Cuba,The United States, Canada and the French Riviera, where she now lives today. The work of Jawlensky inspired and impressed the painter. But if one looks at the exhibitions of the last years the artist choose a new direction, not completely moving away from the influence of Jawlensky, but incorporating his work into her new style. Turning to nature her work has new lightness and what remains is the strong symbolic character. Harriet Oberländer discovered by using the metallic-reflecting colours, that this has empowered her figurative paintings with more enlightenment. Far from being “naïve” her clearly structured works are “pure”. She works without light/shadow effects, which captures ecstasy of emotions and colours on canvas and fascinates the observer. For instance the painting “The Flight”- a flight or the fall of a couple? Harriet Oberlaender works with surrealistic elements. The artist never delivers solutions but makes thoughtful suggestions. She creates dream sequences, in which the viewer is drawn into and she succeeds doing this with unique pureness and cleanness.

Momme Jantz
International Art director

The Artist

• Born March 7 1967 in Zwickau (former Eastern Germany)
• Private Art Lessons
• Request denied for University Education due to political reasons in Eastern Germany
• 1989 Escape from Eastern Germany
• 1989 – 1992 Living in Munich travelling through Europe
• 1993 Move to Monaco
• 1996 – 1999 frequent travels mainly to Cuba and North America
• After more than 20 years living at the Cote d’Azur move back to Germany

Exhibitions in München, Monaco, Berlin, Cagnes-sur-Mer, Nürnberg, Hamburg, Nice, Ischgl (Austria), Pforzheim, Cologne and Dresden.