A piece of great happiness on a small dial

The watch manufactury Moritz Grossmann presents the new special model TEFNUT Lady Butterfly at a vernissage. Its dial is decorated with a swarm of colourful butterflies designed by Harriet Oberlaender. To be purchased at Juwelier Leicht. www.juwelier-leicht.de

The artist about the joint masterpiece:
„It was an exciting experience for me to capture the positive, powerful energy of my large-format pictures with the same intensity on a small dial for this watch, and I was delighted to see the masterful skills with which Moritz Grossmann put my idea into practice. I know how much love I put into each brush stroke while painting and I saw the same love in the watchmakers of the manufactory. Love for perfection and at the same time the desire to break new ground with traditional craftsmanship and to create works of art that fascinate and amaze.“